We truly believe our need for a writer has been fulfilled!  Kasee Baily contacted us recently, she was put in touch with us by Alex Burch of KEPRTVKasee is a journalist, wife, mother of young twin boys, and VERY excited to write our story.  So excited and interested, in fact, that she and her husband, Seth are going to fly to Israel and join us in completeing the Final Mile .

The following is a note from Loren to his granddaughter, Kandi Lee .....

     "Kandi Lee, little sweetheart, because Patty all too often leaves herself out of the equation, out of the picture / out of the narrative (which is absolutely 110 percent ludicrous / wrong) and because your grandfather's off the back wall / off the charts journalistics / writing will never ever suffice, cut the mustard / get the job done we are desperately seeking a writer, journalist, co-partner, someone who has the desire and the talent to dig and sift through hundreds of pages of in-the-field expedition journals and tell the whole story of our Roads End to Roads End Expedition. And if you are in any doubt about Patty's contribution to A World Odyssey -The Epic Voyage of the Sand Ship Discovery, then might your grandfather ask you to examine his somewhat questionable track record, there you will find; if not for Patty, your grandfather would still be at it / in over his balding head trying to drive around the world."


     We have long wanted to return to Israel and Jordan with the Sand Ship Discovery and drive the Final Mile of our Roads End to Roads End Jeep Expedition, A World Odyssey - The Epic Voyage of the Sand Ship Discovery.  Several years ago the border posts between the two countries opened and it is possible to drive from one country to the other.   Please visit our web page, the Final Milefor all the details and photos.  Also you can search Facebook for The Final Mile - The Last Quixotic Grand Hurrah and click Follow to keep up to date with where we are and what we are doing.