Who We Are....

     Now, this is going to be difficult for me to write. What can I say about myself? I'll do my best to give you some idea who this strange woman is that will follow Loren to the ends of the earth.
    I've been traveling since before I was born. In fact, in mid-1953, I traveled from California to New Jersey to enter this wonderful world with my maternal grandparents by my mother's side. My dad was in the Marine Corps (once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine), and every three years, we had our bags packed anxiously awaiting "orders." We had a world globe when I was young, and I was constantly fascinated with places like Karnack, Cairo, Timbuktu, Kashmir, Jerusalem, Machu Picchu, and countless more.
    After spending only a few years in any one place, I found myself in the former Canal Zone in the Republic of Panama. I graduated from Balboa High School in 1971 and attended the Canal Zone College for two years. I began working as a secretary/receptionist at the Canal Zone Girl Scout Council and felt right at home. I'd been a member of the Girl Scouts since the age of seven and had achieved the rank of Frist Class, the highest award a girl member could receive at that time. I am now a Life Time Member of the Girl Scouts of the USA and active in our local county 4-H organization. Later I was to become office manager at the Girl Scout office, and eventually, that position was phased out due to the US / Panama Treaties. At this same time, the opportunity to join Loren full-time on his Jeep expedition, A World Odyssey - The Epic Voyage of the Sand Ship Discovery, presented itself, and I jumped at the chance.

This website was originally dedicated to two extraordinary people, Kandi Lee Yedor (Upton), Loren's granddaughter, and Carrie Marie Mercier, my daughter.  Now, in 2023 I am adding Sparrow Lee Yedor, Loren's great-granddaughter.   If I can give you nothing else, I want to give all of you the desire to go forth, venture into the unknown, explore - outback of beyond! There is a wide, wonderful, exciting world out there just waiting to be explored; all you must do is open the door! Of course, you will make mistakes in life; it is part of living and growing; however, please do not make the greatest mistake of all and do nothing with your life.  Always point your wagon tongue to the North Star and you will never get lost.  

With all my love.......

Patty / Mom

     Without the slightest doubt, Loren is the most determined, positive-thinking, obstinate person I've ever met.  Born in southern California 85 years ago, he looks like a member of the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police or a bulldog tough British grenadier.  Maybe that comes from Loren's service in the United States Marine Corps.  Loren is a retired bridge builder by profession but a true romantic adventurer at heart.  His unwavering optimism and desire for high adventure have thus far taken him around the world - Roads End to Roads End Expedition.  Loren stands out not only in height; he's six feet four inches tall, but also in the depth of his determination.  He presses even harder to succeed if told something is difficult or impossible.  Loren's philosophy is, "If it does not work, damn it, make it work!" Since early childhood, Loren has dreamt of being an explorer, reminiscent of the Teddy Roosevelt / great Victorian Era, of doing something different; venturing into the unknown; overcoming; being first; to reach that unreachable star!