We are looking for an adventure-minded person or persons who would like to take on the task of taking our numerous in-the-field journals and turning them into a readable book.  

The following is a note from Loren to his granddaughter, Kandi Lee .....

     "Kandi Lee, little sweetheart, because Patty all too often leaves herself out of the equation, out of the picture / out of the narrative (which is absolutely 110 percent ludicrous / wrong), and because your grandfather's off the back wall / off the charts journalistics / writing will never ever suffice, cut the mustard / get the job done we are desperately seeking a writer, journalist, co-partner, someone who has the desire and the talent to dig and sift through hundreds of pages of in-the-field expedition journals and tell the whole story of our Roads End to Roads End Expedition. And if you are in any doubt about Patty's contribution to A World Odyssey -The Epic Voyage of the Sand Ship Discovery, then might your grandfather ask you to examine his somewhat questionable track record, there you will find; if not for Patty, your grandfather would still be at it / in over his balding head trying to drive around the world."